Open letter to Narendra Modi

Dear Mr.Modi,

I am a relatively new convert to your fan club, and like most new converts to a cause, I am a staunch supporter. Let me begin by narrating how I got to this point.

In 2008, I had moved back to Delhi with my family, after living abroad for many years. I had heard about you in general terms and gathered that you were a good administrator, ran a prosperous state and were a popular but controversial leader. Beyond that, I was indifferent since Indian politics and its players did not really interest me. However, once in India, I started following the news and began noticing a pattern of reporting that seemed rather strange. And that piqued my interest. For example, instead of impartial reportage, the media and its key spokespeople now seemed to have definite views and an agenda, which they promoted consistently.

Many of the intellectual elite, who were partners of  this new media, seemed to have a common codeword: “Secular”. This appeared to be an exalted title, which was bestowed selectively on a chosen few, by a chosen few (using criteria that I have yet to understand).

I also noticed that the media had favourite poster children, (who could do no wrong), and favourite whipping boys (who could do no right). You were, for some reason, at the top of the second list.

Curious, I started going through Internet archives: Interviews, speeches and reports, and realized that there was a systematic and relentless attack! The tools used included selective reporting, obfuscation and suppression of any inconvenient facts. But you know all of this, having been at the receiving end for a decade now.

The reason I recount the history is to show how this game had unexpected results. The same people who vilified you inadvertently became responsible for making you a larger- than- life, wronged hero for many.

Today, I am writing to affirm support. I am also writing to request you to play a bigger role at the centre, so that our country can benefit. India is going through a very bleak phase. Our mighty institutions are being systematically devalued and there is a complete lack of governance in many places. As a consequence, there is rampant corruption, abuse of power, a criminal waste of resources and no respect for the law. People are getting infected by the “chalta hai” and “kuch nahi ho sakta” virus, or worse, coping by wearing blinkers. I see so many of my friends coping thus, and while it saddens me, I understand that fighting an entrenched system is a daunting task.

Our people desperately need hope Mr Modi. They need to believe that things can change and that there is someone who is capable of driving that change. To me, (and many others) you represent hope. The fact that you’re still standing, still fighting, and delivering, is a huge inspiration. I want to believe that the vision for a new and resurgent India, which you outlined in your recent SRCC speech, will prevail.

Here are some of the ideas that resonated with me the most: (i) A country with less government and more governance. (ii) A confident India that could think about creating its own multinationals rather than whining about foreign multinationals (iii) An India that could see beyond narrow vote bank politics. If this vision were to be implemented, I believe that our nation will be unstoppable!

I would like to end with a gentle word of caution. With great support come great expectations. I, like millions of other supporters, will hold you to each of these promises.


10 thoughts on “Open letter to Narendra Modi

  1. Excellent piece, Smita-di.

    The decade long systematic vilification campaign has made NaMo truly larger than life. How many ordinary citizens would otherwise know the name of a mere state CM? Do a quick poll and see how many state CMs are known pan India.

    NaMo has turned this Goebellian disinformation campaign against him into a potent counter-weapon via pursuing an agenda of good governance, personal incorruptibility and equal treatment for all. This has endeared him to those willing to go one-step deeper into media’s deliberate obfuscation of facts and colored glass vision. That BJP’s central leadership quite often has been unsuccessful in inspiring confidence has further created a clamor among party supporters for one man, THE man!

    To sprinkle some economic jargon, the bet is on him to take India to its true PPF (production possibility frontier) and greatly catalyze India’s transformation into a developed and confident country.

    As you rightly said, NaMo represents hope and therefore expectations from him are sky-high. Millions of his supporters including you and me will hold him to it. We wish him well!

  2. Just a small token of thank you ,from a fellow Loyalist.
    My story is same too..Never before have i been a supporter of any political party ,neither did i thought about it while growing up as a kid-i always hated politics & politicians.

    But as Mr.Modi once said to youths at a conference “Never Join Politics to become SOMEONE. Join it to do something for EVERYONE.”

    After that i was just glued towards him.

    & on another note,it was only after listening to a speech by him during the GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS of GUJARAT when he asked us Youth to spend atleast 100 hours in that year for the social betterment of Gujarat in any way,whether helping the poor,or planting trees,or helping maintain cleanliness in the city etc.

    That i started donating Blood regularly .So far I have donated blood more than 6 times Voluntarily at a nearby hospital. and I dont litter the roads either anymore whenever i buy snacks or anything from shops.

    He is my Inspiration & my Idol. His speeches are like doses of boosters for me, what drugs is for dopers.

    Amen & Peace . Out.

  3. we are enamoured by your such a beautiful letter to shri Narendra Modijee.He himself told that in these last 10 years whatever stone these NGOs MSMs Congressman thrown to him he made all of these to a stair and climbed the popularity.Truely media has played a role to popularise him.

  4. Smitaji, you have put words on paper of millions of minds. The power of positive thoughts of millions to send Modiji at centre will certainly work. My many colleagues have formed teams to drive people towards truth & need of the hour. Modiji has to come to centre.

  5. I have always been a supporter of Modi, whatever the totally perverted and biased visual and print media might say or write. I have seen come thro every accusation. Our hope is Modi. I pray to GOD to answer our prayers.

  6. I have been checking the posting on Mr. Modi and start admiring him. I am going to cast my vote to him in the next comming election.

  7. Dear all, the loss we’ve had is that due to this systematic propaganda, a large section of society has started to believe what has been fed to them over years by media. Challenge will be to “convert” them by understanding the man first hand.

    I’m sure we will be led by him soon. The country needs him more than he needing to become PM. He is 62 now. We have around 10-15 years when he can contribute to nation building. It is now (2014) or never. If it does not happen now, God save my country.

  8. I think it is time for the critics with eyes and ears closed to close there mouth also and see the reality with naked eye, assess the truth and understand the myth being spread by lop sided media channels.

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