The Hypocrisy of the Media’s Selective Outrage

Published 29 July, 2014   Last week was characterized by two noteworthy events. A catering contractor, who served sub-standard food, was force-fed a roti by a Shiv Sena MP. It turned out that the contractor was a Muslim on Roza (fast) .The act was caught on camera and caused a furore. The MP claimed that he was unaware of the man’s religion and consequently his fast. However, the media went on a TRP generating overdrive and spun this as a case of oppression of religious minorities. In TV studios, impassioned, indignant panelists discussed how this was an affront to secularism … Continue reading The Hypocrisy of the Media’s Selective Outrage

Why India’s Entrenched Elites Fear Modi?

Published 18th June 2013   Live Mint recently published an article by a certain Mr. Aakar Patel. The main target of the article was Narendra Modi. Much of what he wrote in his article was a re-hash of old, worn out themes. However,the crux of the article was that Narendra Modi was not fit to run India because “Modi has never been to college (his degree is from a correspondence course). His simple views spring from this lack of knowledge.” Mr. Patel then went on to say that “He’s not well-read, has little idea about the world or its history. It will be embarrassing, … Continue reading Why India’s Entrenched Elites Fear Modi?

Patna blasts: The radio silence on a failed assasination attempt

A prime ministerial candidate speaks at a political rally in a state run by a rival party. Nearly a million people attend. A series of bomb blasts take place at the venue. It results in a few deaths and multiple injuries. A catastrophic stampede is narrowly averted. Later, investigations show that it was a plot by a terror group that included an attempt to assassinate the PM candidate. Now imagine that the candidate’s name is Rahul Gandhi. This is probably what would have happened: The news would have hogged the headlines for weeks. Congress leaders and supporters would have gone … Continue reading Patna blasts: The radio silence on a failed assasination attempt

AAP Attack: Party’s tactics harm the very people it represents

A few weeks ago, I moved from Singapore to campaign for Narendra Modi through the India 272 plus volunteer platform of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Little did I know that it would entail being attacked by Aam Admi Party (AAP) goons inside the party headquarters – my safe haven thus far. When I made the choice to be a part of a political campaign, family and friends were concerned about my safety. However, I had assured them, especially my children, that I would be free from harm. I knew that as elections approached, there could be misinformation and smear campaigns by … Continue reading AAP Attack: Party’s tactics harm the very people it represents

The Real Abusers of Jasodaben

Indian Express interviewed Narendra Modi’s “wife” Jasodaben recently. As the interviewer stated, the lady “who married Narendra Modi when she was 17, says they parted on good terms”, over 40 years ago. From the interview, it is evident that after an amicable separation, the lady went on to lead an independent, single life, and bore no grudges. She is clearly a Modi supporter and wishes him success. In fact, she states “I know he will be PM one day!” Yet, sections of the media have suddenly appointed themselves her champions, and are busy trying to teach Modi moral science lessons. Here is … Continue reading The Real Abusers of Jasodaben

The Selective “Feminist Outrage” of India’s Journalists

There is a huge controversy over an alleged statement made by Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, where he apparently compared Manmohan Singh to a “dehati aurat” (village woman). The primary debate revolved around whether or not such a statement was made, and whether or not an Indian journalist was present when it was made. This issue was brought up by Narendra Modi in his Delhi Rally. Soon after, a secondary debate started building up, perhaps being deliberately pushed to overshadow the main debate. It started with a section of the media getting “offended” with the negative connotation given to the … Continue reading The Selective “Feminist Outrage” of India’s Journalists

Ours Is Not To Question Why…

“Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do and die”. This stirring quote by Tennyson was the favorite of a friend of mine, who had achieved his lifelong ambition of joining the Indian Military Academy. For me, the quote was merely a set of beautiful words. For him, it was the grim reality of a life he had chosen for himself. Like my friend, every man who joins our armed forces knows that he might be called upon to sacrifice his life in the line of duty. Similarly, every parent, every wife, and every child of a … Continue reading Ours Is Not To Question Why…