Some inconvenient questions

Indians by nature are a passionate and argumentative lot in general. However, a few topics in particular are guaranteed to really get them going at length. These include cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, India-Pakistan relations, and Narendra Modi. I have to admit that each of these topics has an impact on my blood pressure, in varying degrees. My pet topic for today is Narendra Modi, as all my questions are related to the recent case of Modi and the Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania). Part 1: Recap For those who came in late, here is a synopsis: The Wharton India Economic … Continue reading Some inconvenient questions

Open letter to Narendra Modi

Dear Mr.Modi, I am a relatively new convert to your fan club, and like most new converts to a cause, I am a staunch supporter. Let me begin by narrating how I got to this point. In 2008, I had moved back to Delhi with my family, after living abroad for many years. I had heard about you in general terms and gathered that you were a good administrator, ran a prosperous state and were a popular but controversial leader. Beyond that, I was indifferent since Indian politics and its players did not really interest me. However, once in India, … Continue reading Open letter to Narendra Modi

Left-Liberalism for Dummies

Recently I have been reading and hearing a lot of impassioned debates about various burning issues in India. Much of it has been difficult for mere mortals like me to understand, as it is clothed in “left-liberal” jargon. After several weeks of patient research, the true meaning of these terms began to reveal themselves. Therefore, I have decided to write a decoding manual to make it easier for others who may be trying to make sense of it all. This is my understanding of the liberal terminology in a nutshell: Justice: Unless a ruling is as per ‘our liberal’ worldview, … Continue reading Left-Liberalism for Dummies